wall installation
21 June 17 By Choice

Interior Glass Wall Installations Continue to Dominate Workplace Design

Glass wall installations have been gaining a tremendous amount of momentum over the past decade. And this is not without reason: Glass walls feel far more open and less claustrophobic, which is an important feature considering that the average amount of office space per employee has shrunk by 30% since 2006. Add to that the […]

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demountable wall system
15 March 17 By Choice

Using Your Demountable Wall System to Increase Organization

There are a number of reasons to use demountable wall systems. But did you know that one of those reasons is to actually clear clutter from the workspace? With a number of features and attachments, your demountable wall system can be used to help your employees stay organized, provide storage space, and increase overall efficiency. […]

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17 January 17 By Choice

Can an Office Installation Service Prevent a ‘Thermostat War’ Among Your Employees?

It’s a source of animosity within workplaces and living spaces alike: Someone is forced to share a space with someone whose temperature preferences are the opposite of their own, and a war breaks out over control of the thermostat. While one can simply move away from a cold-blooded roommate or get used to wearing a […]

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