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2 Common Toronto Office Ergonomic Problems that Furniture Installation Can Solve

While it might not seem like a particularly risky venture, sitting at a desk is actually quite dangerous. After all, office workers tend to sit at one station, in one position, performing a repetitive task (ie. typing and operating the mouse) for hours on-end. This makes the modern office a hotbed for ergonomic injury—which can be difficult to detect before it strikes, and particularly persistent once it occurs.

Luckily, the most common of these problems have solutions that can be fixed with a few calls to your Toronto furniture installation service.

Posture & Padding Pains from Inadequate Chairs

The Problem:

The average office worker can spend as much as 7 hours a day sitting. This makes the chair the most important component of ergonomic health and safety. The chair must be designed with sufficient back support and cushioning to support your workers for prolonged periods of time—and be replaced or refurbished regularly. After all, even the cushions of high-quality chairs can shift or compress over time.

The Solution

Don’t get cheap with your seating! Ergonomic injuries can often cost a business far more than the cost of an ergonomically suitable chair, and a Toronto furniture installation service can make sure that your new chair is properly assembled in minimal time, for optimal comfort.

Poor Furniture Setup or Device Placement

The Problem:

Ergonomics generally requires one’s body to be as close to a ‘resting position’ as possible. As such, how an office space is setup can have a major impact on the ergonomic health of an employee.The office furniture must be properly installed at an appropriate height, the devices (keyboard and mouse) must be at a 90 degree angle form their elbows, and the screen must be directly in front of the employee’s eye line.

The Solution

Depending on the height of the employee and the adjustability of your desk system, this may involve a number of add-on devices that we can help you to install, such as keyboard trays, articulated monitor stands, or adjustable-height desk systems. Your Toronto furniture installation service can help you to install any of these ergonomic aides, helping to improve your workplace efficiency and your employees’ overall health.

Upgrading Your Workplace Ergonomics?

If you’re looking to improve your workplace ergonomics, be sure to have your new furniture installed by a specialized Toronto office furniture installation service. We can ensure that your new ergonomic measures do not cause problems related to poor assembly, and see that it is installed with minimal disruption to your business. To book an appointment, contact ustoday.

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