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3 Furniture Upgrades to Improve Employee Morale

Over the past years, evidence surrounding the importance of morale has been mounting. Employee satisfaction is a key factor in attracting new talent, it can greatly improve employee retention rates, and a happy workforce tends to be considerably more productive than one who spends the day waiting to go home.

As a Toronto furniture installation service, we see many business owners giving boosts to employee morale using a number of upgrades to their office furniture:

Upgrade to More Comfortable Chairs

In most office settings, workers spend the majority of their workday sitting down. Having an uncomfortable chair can greatly wear on an employee throughout the workday, and can even cause back problems that hamper their productivity and overall happiness for years to come.

A comfortable chair is, in a sense, a ‘gift that keeps on giving’: It is an improvement that your employees will enjoy nearly every day of their lives. Upgrades to ergonomics can curb the risk of health problems that could cause your employee to have to take time off, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back problems.

Upgrade to More Effective Lighting

Insufficient lighting is another inconvenience that can snowball into ongoing issues. Over the course of the day, insufficient lighting can cause eye strain that potentially leads to headaches and fatigue. Dim lighting also has a psychological effect, often contributing to negative moods and mindsets.

Adding ceiling lights, providing desktop lighting solutions, or even switching to glass demountable walls to allow in natural light can improve the aesthetics of the space and greatly ‘cheer up’ a workspace, making it ‘easier on the eyes’ in more ways than one.

Upgrade to a Desk that Suits Each Employee’s Needs

Many offices, particularly in larger companies, can be tempted to ‘cookie cutter’ their desk selection, providing the same workspace for all of their employees.

While this can simplify purchasing, it can also impede your employees’ abilities to effectively do their job, particularly if you have multiple employees with vastly differing workspace requirements.

For example, a designer might need more open desk space for sketching and brainstorming, while an IT engineer might barely need any open desk space, but instead require a larger monitor array.

By upgrading key employees with the tools they need to more efficiently do their job, you will not only be providing an intrinsic productivity boost, but you will also be demonstrating to the employee that you care about them on an individual level.

Whatever the Upgrade, Be Sure to Utilize Toronto’s Choice Furniture Installation Services.

Once you’ve picked the right upgrades to make your employees happy, contact us and we’ll see that their installation is done with the speed and efficiency that will make you happy.

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