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4 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Demountable Walls

Glass demountable wall systems are great. They’re durable, they’re flexible, they’re environmentally friendly, and they can look very nice. However, not all glass walls are equal, and sometimes glass simply isn’t the best available option.

If you’re thinking about glass demountable wall systems, make sure you take these 4 considerations into account.

Do They Match the Aesthetics of your Office?

This is the first question, and one that you have probably answered for yourself—after all, you wouldn’t consider installing glass demountable walls if you didn’t like their appearance. However, it’s important to take the rest of your furniture and decor into consideration as well. Would glass walls look strange in a new addition to a workspace if the existing area has conventional, opaque walls? Would it make half of the office look ‘nice and new’ while the senior workers are in a ‘shabby old’ section? If so, you might want to consider replacing, or at least updating, all of the walls in your workspace.

Do They Meet Safety Regulations?

Glass demountable wall systems come in a variety of grades and safety ratings. Some buildings may have safety codes that dictate what types of walls can be used in which areas. For example, do the glass walls in your lobby require extra durability and a certain fire safety rating? Do the doors need a mechanism that prevents them from hanging open?

Always make sure that the glass demountable wall system that you’re installing meets the safety regulations for your space before you purchase them.

Do They Meet Soundproofing Needs?

While the visual privacy might be the first potential issue that stands out when considering a glass wall installation, many overlook the issue of soundproofing. After all, there are a number of visual privacy solutions to block vision, such as blinds and frosted glass, but audio privacy, or soundproofing to block out loud noises, requires specific wall units to meet your needs.

Will your office be near to machinery? Will your workers be speaking with clients about confidential information? Will they be conducting performance reviews, disciplinary meetings, or other confidential staff meetings? If so, it’s important that your walls offer a sufficient grade of soundproofing.

Will Demountable Walls Cook Your Staff?

While this may not be immediately obvious, sunshine can cause issues. Transparent glass demountable walls can sometimes cause a ‘greenhouse effect’ when the sun is shining throughout your office, significantly raising the temperature as it beams through the floor. If your office building has large, clear glass windows that are facing towards the sun during certain times of year, you may want to consider introducing some strategically positioned opaque partitions to mitigate some of the sunlight, or perhaps even introduce blinds or tinted glass in the glass walls closest to the windows.

When Installing Glass Demountable Walls, Trust Toronto’s Wall Installation Experts.

When you’ve found the perfect glass wall to suit your needs, Choice wall installation experts have the experience, tools, and knowledge to see that your new wall system is installed safely, properly, and with minimal disruption to your employee workflow. Contact us to book an appointment today.


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