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Advice from a Toronto Furniture Installation Service: Should I Use a Gym Ball As A Chair?

The ‘gym ball office chair’ is a trend that, as a Toronto furniture installation service, we have seen playing out for a while. It’s a fairly simple trend: roll away your conventional desk chair, and roll in large inflatable PVC gym ball (AKA yoga balls or balance balls) in its place. You can work on your core muscles while you work through your inbox.

However, it’s important to realize that the ‘gym ball chair’ may not be quite as feasible as one might think.

Why is the Gym Ball Chair a Thing?

Sitting on a bouncy ball might seem a bit silly at first, but the activity of sitting on a gym ball is actually a very effective workout. Gym balls are unstable to sit on, which forces your core muscles (the muscles in your torso) to constantly work to stabilize you.

Gym ball exercises can be a great way to increase strength, balance, and even posture, and since the exercise is done while sitting still, it is completely feasible that you would be able to get work done from atop a gym ball.


While gym balls make for great workout tools, they tend to make for lousy office furniture:

  • Many people don’t have the core muscles to sit properly on a gym ball for extended periods of time.
  • Many tuck their feet under the ball for added stability, which is an unnatural sitting position that can actually worsen your posture
  • Gym balls don’t have arm rests or back support. These exist for a reason; the lack of support can cause significant issues over prolonged periods.

But Don’t Throw Out That Gym Ball Yet

Gym balls are great exercise devices, and you can still ‘kill two birds with one PVC ball’ with an at-desk workout. Sitting on a PVC ball for short periods can provide you with a great workout (provided you sit correctly), and rolling it up to your desk is a great way to get a core workout while staying productive.

Just make sure that you sit with proper posture, and make sure to switch to a standard chair after 20 minutes.

We’re Here for All your Non-Inflatable Office Furniture & Installation Services.

To install a gym ball, just roll it into place. However, for everything else, be sure to call your Toronto furniture installation service. We’ll make sure that the rest of your office furniture is installed correctly, in a timely fashion, with minimal interruption to your workflow. To book an appointment, contact us today.

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