24 July 18 By Choice

2 Common Toronto Office Ergonomic Problems that Furniture Installation Can Solve

While it might not seem like a particularly risky venture, sitting at a desk is actually quite dangerous. After all, office workers tend to sit at one station, in one position, performing a repetitive task (ie. typing and operating the mouse) for hours on-end. This makes the modern office a hotbed for ergonomic injury—which can […]

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14 May 18 By Choice

Advice from a Toronto Furniture Installation Service: Should I Use a Gym Ball As A Chair?

The ‘gym ball office chair’ is a trend that, as a Toronto furniture installation service, we have seen playing out for a while. It’s a fairly simple trend: roll away your conventional desk chair, and roll in large inflatable PVC gym ball (AKA yoga balls or balance balls) in its place. You can work on […]

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7 May 18 By Choice

2018’s Hottest Office Technology We’ve Seen in Toronto

As a Furniture Assembly Service, we’re privy to all of Toronto’s latest office trends, including cutting edge technology that’s sweeping into the workplace. And as the first quarter of 2018 draws to a close, we’ve got a great sense of some of the most popular office technologies:

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