7 September 18 By Choice

3 Things to Consider when Searching for a Furniture Delivery Service

New furniture is exciting. It can represent a new era, a sense of renewal, a boost to efficiency, and an overall classier look to your office. However, it’s important to make sure you aren’t so swept up in your new acquisition that you overlook the furniture delivery service! These 3 furniture delivery considerations can help […]

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15 August 18 By Choice

4 Tips to Save Your Office Furniture from the Toronto Summer Heat

To say this summer has been warm is a bit of an understatement. And while all this sun and heat can be great for a day at the beach, it can wreak havoc on your office furniture. Since weather damage is a major concern against which our Toronto office furniture warehouse safeguards, we’d like to […]

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24 July 18 By Choice

2 Common Toronto Office Ergonomic Problems that Furniture Installation Can Solve

While it might not seem like a particularly risky venture, sitting at a desk is actually quite dangerous. After all, office workers tend to sit at one station, in one position, performing a repetitive task (ie. typing and operating the mouse) for hours on-end. This makes the modern office a hotbed for ergonomic injury—which can […]

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