20 March 18 By Choice

Toronto Furniture Assembly Service Suggests: Preparing For a Move

An office move can be a complicated task, with many moving parts that need to align for a smooth transition. Any delays or hiccups can be costly, not only with regard to moving costs, but also in lost time and manpower. To make sure your move is as smooth as possible, we suggest you take […]

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Toronto furniture assembly service
8 November 17 By Choice

3 Tips for Moving Corporate Art: Advice from your Toronto Furniture Assembly Service

When planning an office move, it’s extremely important that you look to the safe transport of corporate artwork. After all, artwork can be quite valuable, and is an important part of any office: It reinforces branding, breaks up bland spaces, and gives your office that all-important unique personality. As a Toronto furniture assembly service, we […]

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Furniture Reupholstery in Toronto
26 October 17 By Choice

The Pros and Cons of Toronto Office Furniture Reupholstery

So your office furniture is starting to look a little worn or dated. Does that mean it’s dumpster-bound? Or could you salvage it—or even elevate it—through a Toronto office furniture reupholstery service? Or could you save even more by reupholstering it yourself? This week, we are taking a look at the pros and cons of […]

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