14 May 18 By Choice

Advice from a Toronto Furniture Installation Service: Should I Use a Gym Ball As A Chair?

The ‘gym ball office chair’ is a trend that, as a Toronto furniture installation service, we have seen playing out for a while. It’s a fairly simple trend: roll away your conventional desk chair, and roll in large inflatable PVC gym ball (AKA yoga balls or balance balls) in its place. You can work on […]

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7 May 18 By Choice

2018’s Hottest Office Technology We’ve Seen in Toronto

As a Furniture Assembly Service, we’re privy to all of Toronto’s latest office trends, including cutting edge technology that’s sweeping into the workplace. And as the first quarter of 2018 draws to a close, we’ve got a great sense of some of the most popular office technologies:

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20 March 18 By Choice

Toronto Furniture Assembly Service Suggests: Preparing For a Move

An office move can be a complicated task, with many moving parts that need to align for a smooth transition. Any delays or hiccups can be costly, not only with regard to moving costs, but also in lost time and manpower. To make sure your move is as smooth as possible, we suggest you take […]

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