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20 April 17 By Choice

Furniture Installation Service Advice: How to Enhance Your Break Room

The importance of the break room is extremely important, and quite often overlooked. Break facilities can have a considerable impact on employee morale, and in many industries, can act as a lightning rod for promising young talent. As a furniture installation service, we see a number of different configurations for break rooms, and have picked […]

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31 January 17 By Choice

Should You Use Veneers or Laminate in Your Office Installation Service?

A wood finish on office furniture can look absolutely stunning, and it has the flexibility to run the whole gamut of styles, from the light, rustic look of rough, unfinished wood, to the high-class gravitas of a dark, fine-grain, executive-style desk. However, if you’ve browsed through catalogues for wood office furniture, you may have noticed […]

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An open office with glass walls. the floor is covered in plastic and a pallet jack has been left out.
6 January 17 By Choice

5 Things Choice Office Furniture Installers Do (Beyond Just Installing)

To those who have never used an office furniture installer, a service such as Choice Office might seem pretty straightforward—we put your new office furniture where you want it. Simple, right? Well, while we try to keep the process as simple for you as possible, what we provide goes well beyond simply moving things around. Choice […]

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