An open office with glass walls. the floor is covered in plastic and a pallet jack has been left out.
6 January 17 By Choice

5 Things Choice Office Furniture Installers Do (Beyond Just Installing)

To those who have never used an office furniture installer, a service such as Choice Office might seem pretty straightforward—we put your new office furniture where you want it. Simple, right? Well, while we try to keep the process as simple for you as possible, what we provide goes well beyond simply moving things around. Choice […]

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A man in a suit making a call on a cell phone
21 November 16 By Choice

5 Common Mistakes Made Before Calling Furniture Installation Services

Nobody wants to throw away money unnecessarily, and businesses are no exception. When it comes to buying office furniture, it’s extremely important that you think your purchase decision all the way through. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending considerably more than you need to—or, even worse, in possession of office furniture that you can’t even […]

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2 black and blue ergonomic desk chairs in an empty office
29 September 16 By Choice

Toronto Furniture Assembly Service on Office Ergonomics

We know office furniture. We know it can improve productivity, raise morale, and even improve employee health. However, we also know that ergonomics for ‘out of the box’ products can only go so far. These extras (that can be added as part of a furniture assembly service) can help make your office furniture even more […]

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