14 November 16 By Choice

Will Cubicles Disappear from Office Furniture Installation in 2017?

Over the past months, we have covered several ‘open concept’ workspaces that have been quickly gaining in popularity. As office furniture installation professionals, we’re in a unique position to weigh in on the trend moving away from the modular partitions of the traditional cubicle. One might wonder: Will this trend continue? Will the cubicle disappear […]

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A pencil and a ruler rest on an architectural drawing
7 November 16 By Choice

3 Professionals Your Move Needs in Addition to Office Furniture Installers

It’s not uncommon for a new business owner or manager to underestimate the amount of work it takes to install new office furniture. Even if you choose to work with professional office furniture installers, there’s a very good reason why we stress preparedness with every new installation of office furniture. Whether you’re replacing a single […]

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A laptop computer and cell phone on a desk.
31 October 16 By Choice

Office Installation Services Advice: The Benefits of a Paperless Office

The idea of a paperless office being the ‘office of the future’ dates way back to 1975. Now, with technology being what it is, we’ve finally started to catch up with the dream, and paperless office installations are becoming a more common reality every year. There are a number of reasons to go paperless, both […]

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