24 July 18 By Choice

How Your Toronto Corporate Relocation Can Improve Your Business Brand

To a business, branding is everything. It’s the flag under which you rally your employees. It’s the identity by which your customers recognize you. It’s your look, your feel, your philosophy, and your product, all rolled into a handful of iconic components: shapes, colours, typefaces, etc. It builds loyalty among clients, confidence among investors, and […]

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29 May 18 By Choice

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Purchasing Commercial-Grade Furniture for Your Toronto Corporate Relocation

While conducting our many, many Toronto-area corporate relocations, we very often see residential-grade office furniture mixed into—and often completely replacing—their commercial-grade counterparts, not only in the furniture we move, but in the additional furniture purchased to fill out the new space.

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Office Reconfiguration in Toronto
15 December 17 By Choice

How to Leverage Your Toronto Corporate Relocation to Attract Millennials

A Toronto corporate relocation is more than just an act of moving office furniture from point A to B. A corporate relation is an opportunity to make some changes, increasing efficiency, re-organizing spaces, and changing your layout to appeal more to certain elements of your workforce.

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