Office Reconfiguration in Toronto
15 December 17 By Choice

How to Leverage Your Toronto Corporate Relocation to Attract Millennials

A Toronto corporate relocation is more than just an act of moving office furniture from point A to B. A corporate relation is an opportunity to make some changes, increasing efficiency, re-organizing spaces, and changing your layout to appeal more to certain elements of your workforce.

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Corporate Relocations in Toronto
30 October 17 By Choice

How to Prepare Your Employees for a Toronto Corporate Relocation

We have communicated a great deal on how to prepare your equipment and furniture for corporate relocations in Toronto. But what about your most important resource: Your employees? With the stress of a move, it’s easy to forget that your workers are going to need to be prepared, packed up, moved, and re-acclimated (‘unpacked’) as […]

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Corporate Relocation in Toronto
26 September 17 By Choice

The Importance of Office Organization in Corporate Relocations

While many might view corporate relocations as a burden associated with moving to a new space, in actuality, they represent an exciting opportunity that can help to greatly improve the overall organization of your spaces.

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