27 November 18 By Choice

4 Layout Planning Tips from Toronto Wall Installation Professionals

When it comes to wall installation in Toronto, layout is probably the most important—and obvious—consideration. Even with demountable wall systems, which are designed to be quickly and easily removed and replaced, you always want to save the time and effort by getting it right the first time.

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3 October 18 By Choice

3 Residential Designs That Can Improve Your Toronto Office’s Modular Wall Installations

When it comes to design, residential ideas often have surprisingly effective applications in the business space. After all, decisions we make for the home often share goals that we want in our workspace as well: greater utility, improved esthetics, more flexibility, etc. In this post, we’re going to take a look at 3 ideas that […]

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22 August 18 By Choice

Simple Decor to Turn Your Wall Installations from Boring to Artsy

When it comes to wall installations in Toronto, there are a massive number of options. And while some are downright esthetically stunning, many favour cost and utility over looks. While these practical options can make a great deal of sense from a business point of view, often they need a little extra ‘sprucing up’ to […]

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