15 November 17 By Choice

4 Things to Consider Before Installing Glass Demountable Walls

Glass demountable wall systems are great. They’re durable, they’re flexible, they’re environmentally friendly, and they can look very nice. However, not all glass walls are equal, and sometimes glass simply isn’t the best available option. If you’re thinking about glass demountable wall systems, make sure you take these 4 considerations into account.

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Demountable Wall Systems in Toronto
5 October 17 By Choice

How to Pick the Demountable Wall Systems that Will Raise Employee Morale

We could go on about the benefits and uses of demountable wall systems. With so many benefits from so many options and uses, how do you decide which one would best suit your office? To help you decide, we’ll outline some task- or layout-specific benefits, so that you can pick-and-choose which specialized demountable wall system […]

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demountable wall systems
8 September 17 By Choice

Pros and Cons: How to Create the Ideal Hot-Desking Space with your Demountable Wall Systems

The traditional workforce is part of the past. For instance, employers are hiring a mix of mobile, freelance, part-time, and full-time employees. How is this impacting the office furniture installation business? Basically, it is becoming impractical to have office desks being assigned to each employee, and the flexibility of demountable wall systems is becoming more […]

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