demountable wall systems
8 September 17 By

Pros and Cons: How to Create the Ideal Hot-Desking Space with your Demountable Wall Systems

The traditional workforce is part of the past. For instance, employers are hiring a mix of mobile, freelance, part-time, and full-time employees. How is this impacting the office furniture installation business? Basically, it is becoming impractical to have office desks being assigned to each employee, and the flexibility of demountable wall systems is becoming more […]

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office furniture installation services
21 August 17 By

How to Use Office Furniture Installation Services to Make Your Office More Attractive to Millennials

As a company grows, the organization’s future will contain new generations of talent. In order to recruit and retain talented employees of the millennial generation, the office must be designed to reflect an atmosphere that defines “fun” for the millennial. As a result, you may request your office furniture installation services to create a space […]

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wall installation
31 July 17 By

Wall Installation: 3 Ways to Make an ‘Open Design’ Reception Area

These days, the corporate office plan is shifting from strict corporate culture to something more open concept and casual. The more traditional reception area is not the right fit for the work culture of the business. As a result, the reception area is being integrated into the rest of the workspace, and therefore a different […]

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