A stack of wooden pallets
10 October 16 By Choice

Requirements When Choosing Toronto Office Furniture Warehouse Services

Office furniture warehouse services are a deceptively simple concept. Many believe you just lease a small chunk of space, throw in your unused furniture, and be done with it. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing a warehouse space: Flexible Storage Terms How long will […]

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Toronto skyline at sunset
25 July 16 By Choice

The Importance of Climate Control in Toronto Office Furniture Warehouses

There are a number of reasons to trust the storage of your Toronto office furniture to specialized warehouses. This week, we’re going to focus more in-depth on one aspect: Climate control. Many storage systems cut back on costs by foregoing any sort of climate control. It makes fiscal sense on their end; storage facilities are […]

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A group of burgundy chairs around a small circular table
29 June 16 By Choice

Toronto: Save Warehouse Fees by Effectively Liquidating Unneeded Office Furniture

There are a number of reasons why a business might want to liquidate its office furniture. Shuttering and downsizing are the most common reasons to find an excess of furniture on your hands, but one can also find themselves with a surplus of perfectly usable office furniture if a growing business is moving to a […]

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