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Are Floor-To-Ceiling Demountable Wall Systems The Only Option For Toronto Businesses?

When we think non-permanent walls, the first image that pops into our heads is usually standard floor-to-ceiling demountable wall systems. But are demountable walls Toronto’s only option? What if floor-to-ceiling isn’t practical in your office space?

While floor-to-ceiling demountable walls in Toronto are certainly the most common options, temporary walls can be broken down into three basic types:

Low Partitions

Low partitions are dividers that workers can see over while they’re sitting at their workstations. Functionally, you could probably call them more of a divider than a wall; they separate work areas while encouraging collaboration, creating an atmosphere much closer to the ‘open concept’.

While low walls can be great for collaboration, it can also be problematic to distraction-prone personnel.


Mid-sized partitions are the height of typical cubicle walls: While they don’t obstruct your view while you’re standing or walking, they isolate the worker while seated at their workstations, reducing distractions and dampening ambient sound.

High Partitions

If your office space has high ceilings, high walls can be an excellent alternative to floor-to-ceiling demountable walls. Functionally, they’re very similar to demountable solutions, and can even include built-in windows to make the area seem more like an enclosed office.

The open ceilings in workspaces made from high partitions offer greater air circulation and climate control, however they do reduce the sound dampening effects that you would get from floor-to-ceiling.

High partitions are ideal for offices with high ceilings that limit the practicality of floor-to-ceiling demountable walls.

Floor-To-Ceiling Demountable Wall Systems

The most common partition option in Toronto, floor-to-ceiling demountable wall system partitions are affordable, offer maximum privacy and soundproofing, and have a very sleek, modern look about them.

We Install Partitions of All Shapes, All Sizes.

Whatever sort of partition is right for your office, make sure that it’s properly and professionally installed. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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