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From Dentists to Therapists to Veterinarians, and Everything Between: Demountable Wall Systems for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is an extremely wide and versatile field, ranging from a spectrum of specialist physicians such as podiatrists and rheumatologists, to dentists, to physical and psychological therapists, to the labs that collect and test samples, to the pharmacies that dispense medication, and on. However, this massive variety of specialists have a handful of common requirements, and for each of these fundamental needs, there are demountable wall systems to cater to them.

Flexibility & Sterility for Acute Treatment Rooms & Clinical Laboratories

Whether you’re drawing blood or performing surgery, patient privacy is an absolute necessity, and cleanliness can literally be a matter of life and death. Demountable walls are available that help to ensure privacy by integrating blinds, frosted glass, or opaque designs in walls that are easy to clean and sterilize.

Comfort & Colour for Therapy Rooms & Waiting Rooms

Most healthcare professionals have a space that absolutely must encourage calmness, patience, and relaxation. For most, this is the waiting room, where people who are often either ill or waiting with concern for loved ones. But this can also include therapeutic treatment rooms for psychotherapists, registered massage therapists, or sleep clinicians.

These areas must always be comfortable, safe, pleasant, and quiet. Modular walls can help to soundproof these ‘relaxation rooms’, and be equipped or designed to support your esthetic, such as including television mounting brackets for waiting rooms, or colourful murals for paediatric rooms.

Utility & Customizability for Assessment & Treatment Rooms

Doctor’s offices represent a couple of unique needs all in one. They’re interview rooms, examination rooms, and even sometimes minor surgical rooms. As such, they tend to have a wide variety of unique requirements, including mounting brackets for a variety of machinery (often including heavy diagnostic equipment), shelving space for a massive variety of supplies, all with the sterility of an acute treatment room and the comfort of a therapy room.

Demountable wall systems can integrate a number of modular components to meet all of a healthcare professional’s needs.

…All With the Flexibility of Demountable Wall Systems

Of course, in medicine, technologies do not stand still. Medical research is often developing new tools, methods, and technologies to help healthcare professionals provide even higher levels of care. However, a new technology can often require a change in what you need from your demountable wall system—sometimes a large old piece of equipment is taken out of a treatment room, other times a massive piece of equipment is integrated into a laboratory.

And we didn’t even mention the changes that your practice will require as your practice grows and evolves.

Demountable wall systems are renowned for their flexibility. Expand your waiting room, shrink your laboratory, shift things around to turn your two-chair dentist office to a three-chair operation, add a panel with a special mounting bracket, remove a panel fit for outdated equipment—all can be done in a simple procedure that’s quick and painless.

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