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How Your Toronto Corporate Relocation Can Improve Your Business Brand

To a business, branding is everything. It’s the flag under which you rally your employees. It’s the identity by which your customers recognize you. It’s your look, your feel, your philosophy, and your product, all rolled into a handful of iconic components: shapes, colours, typefaces, etc. It builds loyalty among clients, confidence among investors, and value in your business.

Planning a corporate relocation in Toronto presents you with an opportunity to reinforce your brand in a number of ways:

Toronto Corporate Relocations Allow You to Incorporate Brand Elements into Decor

A new location represents a blank canvas, and a perfect opportunity to introduce design elements that reflect your branding.These can include colors and patterns in the carpeting, designs integrated into the walls, stencils on glass demountable walls, and so forth.

Just make sure that, while you’re designing your branded elements, that you take your furniture into consideration. You don’t want a large elaborate mural in a place where it will be obscured by a cubicle system.

Corporate Relocations Allow You an Excuse to Buy New, On-Brand Furniture

A relocation is perhaps the most efficient time to exchange or upgrade your furniture, and new furniture can be an excellent way to improve employee morale, improve workspace ergonomics, and tie your new workspace together.

Office furniture comes in a wide variety of color options, from materials to finishes to accents, and introducing branded colours can greatly improve the esthetics of your new workspace.

Corporate Relocations Give You Something to Show Off

Finally, a new space—particularly one decked out with branded decor and beautiful new office furniture—can be an excellent PR opportunity. Exactly how best to show off your new space will vary depending on the size of your office and the nature of your business. However, holding press events, a public ‘open-house’, or even a digital tour for your website and social media give your customers, prospects, investors, and shareholders an opportunity to see just how beautiful your new space is—and to give you some much-deserved attention.

Let Us Help You Make the Most of your Relocation

We’re in the business of making office moves as quick, smooth, and efficient as possible. If you’re planning a corporate relocation in the Toronto area, contact us today!

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