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Improve Employee Satisfaction with Office Furniture Installation or Upgrade

office furniture installation

Studies show that globally, 70% of people are not happy with their jobs. Some people do not like their chosen line of work. On the other hand, others may simply dislike their environment, or workspace.

Company culture may be limiting the growth of an employee, or it could be the office’s design. How can human resource managers and CEOs upgrade or improve the office design, and therefore improve employee satisfaction?

Your office furniture installation may contain demountable wall systems or contemporary office furniture that provides an upgrade to your corporate or commercial environment. The following are a few office upgrade ideas that will guarantee to improve employee satisfaction.

Change the Desks

The desk is no longer a square with cubicle walls. It is a place for collaboration, brainstorming, and creative engagement. Your desk should feature individuality and customization, such as adjustable height desks.

Upgrade with Comfortable Chairs

Studies show that sitting is the new smoking. However, having a comfortable ergonomic chair can help employees comfortably work at their desk, no matter what kind of office furniture installation you are currently using. That being said, working for 90 minutes, followed by stretching can also help increase productivity. As an alternative, a standing desk will also help improve posture.

Forgo the Conference Room

A collaborative workspace is the new conference room. A touchdown space implements smart technology with acoustic furniture that is perfect for commute workers, stakeholder meetings, project manager conferences, and hot-desking.

Improve Lighting

Good lighting is very important for employee morale. Try replacing florescent lights with dimmer switches, touch lamps, individual desk lamps, or chandeliers. The natural light will improve productivity and overall well-being of the employees. Also, try using solar shades to reduce computer screen glare.

Call Choice Office Furniture Installation Services

If your employees are unhappy at work, it may be the workspace that is the problem. Consider some office upgrades to improve employee satisfaction, which in turn will increase productivity.

Don’t lose productivity due to preventable morale issues. Let us help you today.


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