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How to Increase the Privacy of Glass Wall Installations

Office hallway with a slightly curved glass wall with some horizontal frosting on the glass.

Glass office wall installations make a beautiful addition to any office environment. They’re clean, they’re inviting, they can let in natural light, and they make any office space feel much larger. But a downside of glass wall installations is that—well, they’re glass. If all of the walls in your office are unobstructed glass, it would mean that there’s no privacy, and no shielding from distractions.

Thankfully, there are a number of tricks you can use to make your ramp up the privacy in your glass-walled offices.

Shades and Blinds

Floor-to-ceiling shades and vertical blinds can give the occupant of the glass office the versatility to keep their office open and welcoming when they want, and to help them shut out and focus when they must. There are a number of shade and blind designs, styles, and colours to match any company’s look and feel.

Mix It Up

Just because you utilize glass demountable wall systems doesn’t necessarily mean the entire office needs to be transparent. Mixing in fabric or wood panel walls can add a bit of variety, and make sure that the office is only open to certain sections rather than the whole floor. This could also allow you a surface to which you can mount a fixture, such as shelving, white boards, or artwork

Strategic Placement of Decorations

As we have covered in a previous blog, there are a number of ways you can decorate a glass wall installation. By strategically placing your decorative painting, film, or etching, you can provide a tasteful, completely non-intrusive means of privacy that promotes your brand image and raises the aesthetics of the office as a whole.

Movable Vertical Banners

If your business attends trade shows, you likely have a few vertical banners featuring your business branding and product highlights. Rather than locking these banners in storage, why not proudly display them while putting them to practical use? By placing those vertical trade show banners by the windows of a glass office, you’re not only increasing your brand presence, but also providing an extra removable, adjustable privacy panel.

Natural Cover

As we’ve mentioned several times in the past, a bit of greenery can be a great way to breathe a little extra life into an office space. In addition to adding some lush colour, some leafy plants can also make for excellent privacy barriers. Tall ferns or hanging ivy plants can both be hearty enough to live in an office environment, and leafy enough to provide a little extra privacy.

Call Choice

Regardless of whether you’re looking to mount a set of blinds to provide a little extra privacy to a glass wall installation or you’re looking to install those glass walls in the first place, give us a call. We’ll make sure that the installation is done quickly, properly, and with minimal disruption to your office work flow.

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