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Pros and Cons: How to Create the Ideal Hot-Desking Space with your Demountable Wall Systems

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The traditional workforce is part of the past. For instance, employers are hiring a mix of mobile, freelance, part-time, and full-time employees. How is this impacting the office furniture installation business? Basically, it is becoming impractical to have office desks being assigned to each employee, and the flexibility of demountable wall systems is becoming more valuable. 

As a result, “hot-desking” is a space-saving solution that allows employers to accommodate the modern workforce. This is where desks are assigned to employees as needed, and the number of desks will change based upon how many employees in the office at any moment. Although this method has its positives, there are also weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of hot-desking.

Pros of Demountable Walls


In the modern workplace. flexibility is important. Hot-desking is a truly flexible way for an adaptable workplace. Customizing the arrangement of the office will break down barriers of the traditional department-focused company. Temporarily placing staff members around other employees will encourage a stronger sense of community. 

Reduced Cost

Hot-desking is a great way to cut down on cost for your company. Rather than purchase a telephone, desk, and computer for each employee, you can limit your purchases that can be used when needed to save office space.

Cons of Demountable Walls

Physical Health Impact

With dozens of employees sharing the same office equipment, there may be an increase of illnesses due to the spread of germs. Hot desks will likely not produce specific needs when it comes to physical comfort for employees. For instance, hot desks may not have the right lumbar support, screen resolution, or wrist rest for your employees.

Psychological Health Impact

With traditional spaces employees have designated areas in the office for family photos, and to express their identity and personal organization. Hot-desking limits this option, which can impact job satisfaction and the employee’s ability to identify with the company. Hot-desking may also contribute to isolation, marginalization, and a sense of loss with your staff’s sense of comfort and well-being.

What is the Solution?

There’s actually a better way to implement hot-desking in the office. For example, employees that need only a few minutes to make a phone call or check their email can use powered tablet chairs that offer space and comfort for those needs. Adaptable hot desk areas is another option that can provide self-powered chairs, a mixture of sit-or-stand work stations, and lounge seating and rolling benches for flexibility during meetings.

The key is to find the perfect configuration for your demountable wall system that gives your employees shared access to where possible while allowing personalized space as necessary.

Overall, hot-desking is a hot new trend in the office furniture installation world. Remember that when you build the hot-desking system around your company and its employees, you will avoid many complications associated with the hot desk. After all, you want an office with a healthy environment where employees can thrive.

Have an idea for your company’s perfect hot-desking configuration? Contact us today to ask about how our demountable wall systems can help.

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