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Simple Decor to Turn Your Wall Installations from Boring to Artsy

When it comes to wall installations in Toronto, there are a massive number of options. And while some are downright esthetically stunning, many favour cost and utility over looks. While these practical options can make a great deal of sense from a business point of view, often they need a little extra ‘sprucing up’ to really make a workspace shine.

Disrupt the Largest Blank Surface

Whether it’s wall space, open carpet, or desktop, the largest surface areas usually make the most impact.

If your flooring has got you down, rugs or chair runners can work to break up the area. For wall surfaces, there are any number of ways to decorate your space. Shelving, files, and other wall-mounted options can add some extra utility while breaking up the space, and either photographs or artwork can add a much more personal touch. If your wall panels allow for it, you can even tack fabric onto it as de facto ‘wallpaper’ that still functions as a pin board.

Control Your Environment

If a workspace is cold, dreary, or stale, the problem may not be the surface areas themselves. Upgrading or changing the lighting can make a massive difference in the mood of a space, and portable heaters or desk fans can greatly help to normalize the climate of any work area while helping the stale air to circulate out.


We’ve covered wall and floor surfaces, but what about empty spots on your desk or shelf? There are a number of ‘accessories’ that you can introduce to a workspace to greatly improve the esthetics of your workspace while introducing a splash of unique personality.

Want a warm, organic addition to improve your space? There are a number of low-maintenance, cubicle-friendly plants that can thrive in an office environment, or even a fish bowl for those out there who prefer the sea to the forest.

Want a fun and personal addition to improve your space? Toys and collections give you a chance to showcase your hobbies and interests, add a splash of colour and texture, and make any workplace both look more fun and feel more ‘yours’.

Upgrades or Wall Installations in Toronto

Finally, the most obvious course—just upgrade! New furniture or wall installations can very quickly renew any space in Toronto. Just make sure that you call the professionals! We can make sure that your new office furniture is installed quickly and efficiently. Call us today for a free quote.

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