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The 3 Rules of a Successful Toronto Office Relocation: Logistics, Logistics, Logistics!

An office relocation in Toronto can be a precarious affair—particularly within the greater Toronto area, where the cost of slow-downs can be considerable. Careful logistical considerations often mean the difference between an office relocation that runs as smooth as clockwork, and one that becomes a great big stressful mess of chaos and confusion.

These logistical tips can help you to greatly improve the smoothness of your relocation while nipping potential problems in the bud.

Logistic Tip 1: Minimize Moving Parts

A lack of coordination is a very common culprit for inefficient, over-budget, or otherwise stressful office relocations. Look for companies (like Choice) who offer multiple services, such as warehousing, delivery, and installation.

Logistic Tip 2: Work With a Knowledgeable Move Manager

Even with a comprehensive service such as Choice, there are going to be a great many variables that need to be considered and addressed.

Always assign one—and only one—‘move manager’ to oversee the coordination of the relocation, and make sure the employees know who is in charge. This will prevent the dreaded “I thought he was doing it” excuse, as well as granting an absolute authority in case of contradicting orders.

To ensure that your move manager has the tools he or she needs to oversee the relocation, make sure that they are granted access to a professional coordinator, such as a Choice representative. A coordinator will be able to help them to determine how much time, and what resources, are required for each step of the relocation process.

Logistic Tip 3: Call Choice!

Choice Office Installations can help you to make sure your Toronto office relocation goes smoothly. We offer a wide variety of services and equipment, including warehousing, delivery, and installation, and can offer your move managers the logistical support they need to ensure your office relocation goes off without a hitch.

To book an appointment, contact us today.

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