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Toronto Furniture Assembly Service Suggests: Preparing For a Move

An office move can be a complicated task, with many moving parts that need to align for a smooth transition. Any delays or hiccups can be costly, not only with regard to moving costs, but also in lost time and manpower.

To make sure your move is as smooth as possible, we suggest you take the following steps to prepare:

Keep Employees In The Loop

Make sure that your employees know when you plan on moving locations well in advance, and keep them apprised of any changes to those plans. The more forewarning they have, the more capable they will be in planning around the disruption of workflow.

Check With Both Building Managers

Make sure that the building managers know to expect you will be moving in and out on the day of the move. Ensure that you have access to all facilities that you will require, such as service elevators and moving equipment. Again, earlier is better: if there are any problems with the date or other reasons for delay, you want to know well in advance so that you don’t need to re-schedule your Toronto movers and furniture assembly service professionals.

Designate An Employee As Moving Supervisor/Organizer/Manager

Moving is a stressful, difficult task. Tackling it on your own can be overwhelming, particularly if your business has a number of employees to manage. Designating an employee as a moving supervisor, organizer, or manager can greatly help.

They don’t necessarily have to be in charge of organizing the entire move, such as contacting Toronto movers and furniture assembly services; they just need to be able to manage your employees, ensuring that they have their effects packed up and ready for the move.

If you feel comfortable offloading more responsibility, you can also have your moving supervisor help you with some of the logistics of the move as well, such as managing the scheduling and coordinating with building managers.

Call Professional Toronto Office Furniture Moving & Assembly Services

Finally, always make sure that your office furniture is dissembled, moved, and reassembled by experienced professionals. We can greatly reduce the set up time, and drastically reduce the risk of damage due to transportation or improper assembly.

To book an appointment, contact us today.

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