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Wall Installation: 3 Ways to Make an ‘Open Design’ Reception Area

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These days, the corporate office plan is shifting from strict corporate culture to something more open concept and casual. The more traditional reception area is not the right fit for the work culture of the business. As a result, the reception area is being integrated into the rest of the workspace, and therefore a different kind of wall installation is required.

The reception area serves the proverbial gatekeeper for the rest of the office. The reception design must be inviting, while providing comfortable furniture for guests as they wait until someone escorts them into the office.

Reception areas are a hot topic of debate in the world of commercial interiors. The following are three ideas to help you update your reception area.

1. Create a Touchdown Area for Visitors

Touchdown areas are basically furnished spaces where visitors and employees can relax, or “touch down” for a few minutes while waiting for a meeting or interview to start. This allows people to use their waiting time productivity. Reliable and secure wi-fi will allow people to recharge their devices. The area may also include benches, tables, or even small workstations mounted on the wall installation for those that prefer some privacy.

2. Implement a Lounge-Style Reception Area

Companies may also look to make clients and job candidates feel relaxed and welcomed with a living room inspired reception. This design will closely resemble a traditional reception area. That being said, the space will feel like an area where you would hang out with neighbours, friends, or colleagues. This area will likely include sofas, table, and modular lounge chairs.

3. Offer the Coffee House Reception Area

Refreshments show hospitality, and having snacks and drinks available can really take your reception area to the next level. You can even go a step further and create a coffee bar with a barista-receptionist who makes lattes for guests as they wait. The reception area could also feature a food stand for its customers. Also, a library would provide reading material for the guests.

For businesses looking to adapt in today’s society, an open-concept reception area is a good way to help employees and potential job candidates feel relaxed and welcomed. The willingness to experiment with more modern reception area designs can really capture your company’s brand culture and overall identity.

If you’re looking to install an ‘open design’ wall installation for your reception area, contact us to book an appointment today.


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